We follow a holistic approach towards quality assessment in each & every stage right from the manufacturing process to packaging & delivery. With the help of our modern quality control labs, state-of-the-art quality control equipment like automatic muller, vibro-shaker, auto film applicator, matching system, UV visual spectra photometer and more, we consistently assess the products for effective result and right formulations.

Further, our lab is equipped with a wide range of conventional equipment that assists us in determining and testing fastness properties, dispersion of pigments & solubility of all dyes. With the help of our well-facilitated lab, we conduct the following tests to assess the product quality.

  • Sieve residue test
  • Volatile matter test
  • Water soluble test
  • Offset ink test
  • Air test
  • Drying paint test
  • Migration test
  • Texture test
  • Solvent fastness
  • Insoluble test for dyestuffs
  • pH of water extract test
  • Bleeding test
  • Testing of pigment & dyestuffs in polyolefins, ABS/Polystyrene, PVC & PVC
  • Leather using two roll mill and hydraulic press & many more.
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